Accessories for dispersion nozzle

Nozzle insert: Toothing No. 1

For gluing elastic/textile and cork floorings
Tooth space depth = 1.5 mm
Tooth space width = 1.8 mm
Tooth width = 1.2 mm

Nozzle insert: Toothing No. 2

For gluing elastic/textile and cork floorings
Tooth space depth = 2.0 mm
Tooth space width = 2.3 mm
Tooth width = 2.7 mm

Nozzle insert: Toothing No. 3

For gluing mosaic parquet and ready-to-lay mosaic parquet
Tooth space depth = 4.0 mm
Tooth space width = 3.5 mm
Tooth width = 4.5 mm

Nozzle insert: Toothing No. 4

For gluing wood paving, mosaic parquet, on-edge lamella parquet and plank floor elements Tooth space depth = 6.5 mm
Tooth space width = 5.5 mm
Tooth width = 7.0 mm

Nozzle insert: Toothing No. 5

For gluing ready-to-lay parquet, 10mm massive parquet, multilayer plank floor elements
Tooth space depth = 5.0 mm
Tooth space width = 16.0 mm
Tooth width = 10.0 mm

High-grade steel hobbock holder plate

The high-grade steel hobbock holder plate is positioned on top of the spring steel panel, serving as reinforcement.

Spring steel plate (thin)

The spring steel plate rests on the bottom shell and is reinforced by the high-grade steel hobbock holder plate.

High-grade steel closing plate

High-grade steel closing plate, coated
The pusher at the closing plate is pushed downward by both thumbs, interlocking the toothing. This prevents undesired product flux.
This is a significant benefit, because cleaning is made dispensable even during extended work breaks. 
To continue work, the pusher is pushed “UP” again. Otherwise, all material flow is blocked. Continuing work without unlocking the pusher may cause damage to the gun and the dispersion nozzle.

High-grade steel hobbock pusher

The high-grade steel hobbock pushers serve as additional closing mechanism and are pushed onto the applicator nozzle from the left and the right side.
They are fastened by slightly tapping “Them” in by a plastic hammer on the angled surfaces designed for this purpose.
(Top and bottom = open and closed)

Adapter with knife insert

The adapter is composed of several individual components which are available separately.
1) Threaded piece ( main component )
2) Knife insert (opens the foil sachets automatically )
3) Fixing bolt (retains the knife insert)
4) O-ring 44×5mm (gasket)

Top shell


Bottom shell

The relevant nozzle inserts (toothing 1 to 5) are inserted in the bottom shell.

Screw plug with grip

This screw plug is used for tightening the top and the bottom shell together. Please only tighten manually. Do not use tool.