HB-365/AN for loose materials 500 - 600ml

Hand gun with a
Cylinder diameters from 2 “(50.8 mm)
in anodized aluminum.

Standard Nozzles: 3x K-nozzle “K”
Lever ratios 8:1

Professional gun for low to medium viscosity materials.

This unit is suitable for the intake
of loose materials from metal cans (2500ml).

In this case, the following accessories are required.
Please look under Hobbok- Accessories.

Weight: ca.1050 g

SVV-50/A for loose materials 500 - 600ml

This gun can be changed from pressure to vacuum.

At the bottom of the handle is the vacuum valve.

The material is mixed in the can
(2,500 ml capacity) with a drill and spiral agitator
and then using the plate-filling sucked into the Gun cylinder.

Inlet pressure: 6 – 7 bar. Ejection pressure: 3 – 6 bar.

Cylinder volume: about 600ml
Cylinder diameter: 2 “(50.8 mm)
Cylinder Length: approx 372 mm
With 3 plastic nozzles “P” 22×1mm
Aluminum nozzle-cap
Anodized cylinder

Weight: ca.1360 g