The company Beyer & Otto GmbH was founded in 1952 by Roland Otto and at the time was a small mechanical company which manufactured and developed paint spray guns. Even today these are still produced according to the fundamental innovations of that time.

Meanwhile the family-owned company is in the fourth generation and is still very innovative and full of beans.

Over time, processing equipment for sealants was added.

Among other things, this includes the legendary HBO which was very much appreciated and sold in millions. Due to the growing demands of sealing technology and adhesive materials, further new and innovative products have been continuously developed, expanding Beyer & Otto GmbH’s range of products and technical know-how.

Today’s product range includes processing equipment for sealants, PU foams, adhesives, hot melts, fastening technology for all standard cartridges, foil bags and loose materials.

This processing equipment is operated in many different ways, either manually, pneumatically or by battery.

However, what is still true is that we develop new products together with our customers and are also able to produce smaller lines in customer-specific sectors.